Rosie and Pashmina meeting up for coffee at Brewster's café one last time
Rosie and Sheldon meeting up for coffee at Brewster's café one last time

Some time ago I decided I wanted to reset SNW, my first Animal Crossing (New Horizons) island. The one I've had for 3 years now.

My starters on SNW were Pashmina and Sheldon. They were always special to me, and they always will be. I will invite them back one day on Sakura Bay, or my new island. Because I don't have their photos from their time on SNW.

Here are some cute screenshots of Rosie, Pashmina and Sheldon drinking coffee in Brewster's café. Unfortunately I couldn't invite them at the same time. That would've been even better. I'll probably do a little final photoshoot with the two of them at Harv's photo studio before I reset the island.

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