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Rosie is still working on moving her old (and new) portfolio items to this website. Hang in there.


Rosie has made hundreds of wallpapers in the past, on various websites. It takes some time getting them all onto this site.

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Welcome to my cosy little corner on the web! I'm Rosana (Rosie) Kooymans aka RosieSoCosy and this is where I share my creations. Basically everything except for my Sims stuff, some of those can be found on SimsNetwork.

I love crafting, drawing, painting and gaming. So that's what I usually share. But I also love designing stuff. On this frontpage you can see all my recent creations.

Follow me on Instagram, Twitch. YouTube and Pinterest for more inspiration. Join the Cosy Corner Discord if you want to hangout with cosy people who love wholesome games + arts & crafts.

I recently started my own Mastodon instance, you can find me as RosieSoCosy, as RosieSoCrossing (Animal Crossing stuff) and SNW (for Sims updates). I also joined Hive Social; you can look me up: RosieSoCosy and SimsNetwork.