This is the 2022 version of the Snowman illustration. A cream coloured snowman with a teal coloured scarf with a little red heart on it. The snowman has a big top hat. There is a friendly smile on his face, and two arm sticks sticking out of his body. The background is a big mint coloured circle with snowflakes on it. And behind it is a big red background.

I decided to see if I could open some of my old artworks from 2013-2014. I still have them on my iPad. Well, the ones from ProCreate at least. I can't recover the ones from Tayasui Sketches, because they were somehow removed from the app, probably through an app update. Luckily the Snowman was an illustration I did in ProCreate.

As I was recovering it, I realised it would be really fun to start as series were I recreate some of my old artworks, but with my current skills. It's especially fun to see how you progressed throughout the years. So this is the first in a series of recreated artworks. I hope you enjoy it too.

So I recreated the Snowman and I think it came out really nice. I can see I've definitely improved. I kept everything in the same style/composition. The only thing that's new is the texture in the background. I decided to add some snowflakes to add a bit more to the winter theme. ⛄

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