An illustration of an artist’s dummy. One arm is up, over its head. The other arm is down. The dummy is looking sideways.

Today’s prompt is “Joint” which as we all know has various meanings.

I chose something that’s close to home for me. My (knee) joints have been exceptionally painful this year, making it even harder to exercise, or even walk… I hate it.

But I didn’t feel like drawing anatomically correct joints. I’m so tired and I count myself lucky I can even draw anything at the moment.

So I thought about my artist’s dummies. Of which I have three.

About 12 years ago I was trying to get enrolled in (a specific) art school. It didn’t happen in the end. But that’s besides the point. I wanted to buy an artist’s dummy for my artworks. We were short on money and decent art supplies don’t come cheap. My father in law heard I wanted to buy an artist’s dummy and he told me not to buy it. Apparently he had two. So I could have them. And that’s how I got 2 of my currently 3 artist’s dummies. The third one is a small one.

I used one of the artist’s dummies for today’s drawing.


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