An illustration of a girl in a plaid dress, holding an axe. She is standing in front of an Animal Crossing style tree. There are logs on the ground, left of the tree. There’s a branch on the ground on the right. Behind the three there is a log stump, and several more in the distance. In the background there are billow clouds.

Today’s theme is Lumber. This took me well over 4 hours to draw. It’s those leaves, and the plaid pattern in the dress. Well it’s everything. It’s just some items took more time than expected. But I’m quite pleased with the end result. I want to do this more often. I only needed a reference for the axe, mostly to check the highlight details. And I had a peek at the Animal Crossing logs too, as I wanted to get them right. Everything else was improvised/from memory.

Rosie loves way too many things; games, crafting, drawing, painting, design, sewing plushies, planners, music, movies, series. On this blog she shares her creations and other snapshots of stuff she likes.

You might know Rosie from her Twitch channels Rosiewosie / RosieSoCosy, her YouTube channels, her planner shop Retro Hugs, or perhaps SimsNetwork, her Sims fansite she started back in 2000.

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