Disney Dreamlight Valley - Beauty and the Beast

Disney Dreamlight Valley saw another update this week! And it's a big one.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Beauty and the Beast loading screen

Beauty and the Beast have arrived in the game, which is clearly visible when you launch the game.

There's a new Haunted Holiday Star Path, with spooky rewards!

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Haunted Holiday Star Path

I'm loving the new spooky arch!

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Halloween Town Archway
Halloween Town Archway

The store also has some new items like the Ghostly "Zero" Fox Bundle. I could not resist that one!

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Ghostly "Zero" Fox Bundle
Such a cutie!

I also splurged some of my hard earned Moonstones on the Skeletal Tool Set:

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Skeletal Tool Set

I swore I would never buy tool cosmetics, but I'm really in a Halloween mood and I quite like them. They'll also be fun to use during December. So there's that.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Tower of Terror
The Tower Of Terror

There were a few spooky house skins as well. One was the Haunted Mansion Bundle and the other The Tower of Terror. But apparently the Haunted Mansion Bundle was buggy so they had to take it down (for now at least). When it does return, I think I will purchase it. I also really like the Tower of Terror, so we'll see! I might buy one of them. I don't think I can buy both. Choices, choices...

And as if all of that wasn't enough new content, we also got a new (paid) Dream Bundle in the game; the Ursula's Transformation Dream Bundle:

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Ursula's Transformation Dream Bundle

I do want to get both the Dapper Wall-E Dream Bundle and the new Ursula's Transformation Dream Bundle, but not right now as it is a LOT of Moonstones and I'm saving some in case something comes along I really can't live without.

I like the title riddles for this Star Path:

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Haunted Holiday Star Path
Things like "Do Goofy's favorite pastime" and "Pick the fruits that put Snow White to sleep" are easy to guess, and quite funny.

I won't spoil too much from the new Beauty and the Beast quest. So I'll only show the door in the castle. It's up on the second floor:

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Beauty and the Beast door in the castle

Have fun! I know I will be having fun for at least a few weeks. 😍

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