Rosie is holding all the new Animal Crossing LEGO sets

ERMERGERD I got the new Animal Crossing LEGO sets! You wouldn't believe how happy I was to receive them. I hugged my new boxes, I kid you not.

Rosie holding the Animal Crossing LEGO boxes
I love the boxes! I think they really fit the franchise.


And I made sure to take a photo of all the sets with my Animal Crossing plushies, because why not:

All the Animal Crossing LEGO sets in one picture, with Animal Crossing plushies around it.
Why is Stitches back there? Just being cheeky and sneaky I guess! Also, LEGO, please add Stitches! He's my birthday twin and one of the cutest bears in the game.

It's been a while since I did a LEGO blog post. The last one was about my own minifig of which I was very proud. I haven't really had time for LEGO in recent months. I've been really busy with real life stuff; Levi's stay in the hospital, and a lot of issues with our house. In between I've been drawing, painting and playing games to relax.

Recently I've also been working hard on setting up our play area for Quinn & Levi, and for myself as well. On one side I installed a KALLAX unit for the boys' LEGO, and opposite that one is my own unit with mostly my own LEGO, and some of hubby's too. I would be lying if I said I had enough space for my LEGO. This is certainly not the case. But at least most of it has a designated spot now. Whereas before it was stored in crates and gathering dust on shelves, not being used. Enough about that though. Let's talk about the new sets!

Animal Crossing LEGO 77046 Julian's Birthday Party
77046 Julian's Birthday Party (170 parts)
Animal Crossing LEGO 77047 Bunnie's Outdoor Activities
77047 Bunnie's Outdoor Activities (164 parts)
Animal Crossing LEGO 77048 Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour
77048 Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour (233 parts)
Animal Crossing LEGO 77049 Isabelle's House Visit
77049 Isabelle's House Visit (389 parts)
Animal Crossing LEGO 77050 Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House
77050 Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House (535 parts)
Animal Crossing LEGO 30662 Maple's Pumpkin Garden
30662 Maple's Pumpkin Garden Polybag (26 parts)

I mean, how could I not get these? As an AFOL and a huge Animal Crossing fan I had to get these. And I am happy I pre-ordered them, because in a lot of places, including the official LEGO site, they are either sold out or on backorder.

When I first saw them they did remind me a little of LEGO Fabuland, of which I also had a few sets back in the day. I still have some of them. I loved Fabuland so much!

I'm not the only one who sees the resemblance between Fabuland and Animal Crossing, as you can read and see in an article here on BrickNerd. I borrowed a few images from their article to show what I mean:

LEGO Fabuland Characters
The Fabuland characters, which are also animals.
LEGO Fabuland Characters
Illustrated Fabuland characters.
LEGO Fabuland Story
The style of the doors and windows especially are similar in my opinion.
LEGO Fabuland Town
A little Fabuland town.

All Fabuland images via BrickNerd / Morty Mouse - BARRON’S Publishing

Depending on where you live, the RRP for the new sets are:

  • €14,99 (EU) / £12.99 (UK) / $14.99 (US) for Julian's Birthday Party
  • €19,99 (EU) / £17.99 (UK) / $19.99 (US) for Bunnie's Outdoor Activities
  • €29,99 (EU) / £24.99 (UK) / $29.99 (US) for Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour
  • €39,99 (EU) / £34.99 (UK) / $39.99 (US) for Isabelle's House Visit
  • €74,99 (EU) / £64.99 (UK) / $74.99 (US) for Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House

So if you buy all of them at the RRP the total would be €179,95 (EU) / £156 (UK) / $179.95 (US).

I managed to pre-order all of them for €147,75 (and this includes the polybag). So I saved a bit of money on them, which is always nice!

If you want to check out current sales of these sets, I suggest checking out Brickwatch. They have an overview of the Animal Crossing collection with prices, which should show you the best deals in your region!

There is a lot of discussion on social media about whether or not these sets are worth their price. The biggest set has 535 parts, whereas the smallest has 164 parts (not counting the polybag). Ironically, the cheapest set has more parts (170).

Now I am absolutely biased and I am not here to convince anyone that it's worth the price or not, that's going to be different for everyone, I think! But when I compare these sets to other collab sets like the ones from Mario or Minecraft, these prices aren't crazy.

The cheapest would be the polybag (Maple's Pumpkin Garden) which is technically available as a GWP (gift with purchase) on the official LEGO site. I wanted to save some money on the main sets, so I pre-ordered them elsewhere, and got the additional polybag for €3,99, which is not too bad.

I'm debating to save them to build them on stream. However I don't think I'm ready yet to stream again. And I kind of low key want to build them with my two youngest sons, who also adore Animal Crossing. I want to enjoy those moments as much as possible.

Timmy and Tommy from Animal Crossing: New Horizons
We have Nook's Cranny, but where are the Nooklings?

I am kinda hoping they will release more sets like these in the future, to complete the set. For example Residential Services (although Tom and Isabelle are already in other sets now, but we could have K.K., Label, Leif et cetera visiting), the Museum with Blathers (preferably with Brewster and his café), the Nooklings (where are they anyway?!), Celeste and her stars, Able Sisters, the Airport with Orville and Wilbur, Harvey and his Photo Studio, Redd's boat, maybe some more villagers. I'm guessing if we get more sets, we will also see peach and pear trees. I'm hoping no blind bag minifigs as I really don't have that kind of money lying around, and I'm going to want all of them. If I really have to, I'll pay a bit more and get the minifigs off of Bricklink. But I really prefer sets with minifigs included instead.

The one thing I don't get is that we did not get any "player" minifigs. I mean, it's not really Animal Crossing without our players there right? But we might get those later? Who knows.

On the one hand I think these are adorable sets, and they have high playability which is fun for kids (and tbh, for AFOLs too). But on the other hand I would have loved to have modular style buildings for display instead, more aimed at adults. They would be brilliant for the backdrop in my studio too. But these sets are just too open (hello dust!), too many loose parts (those will get lost in the backdrop for sure) to display them out in the open, long term speaking anyway.

So what do you think? Do you like them, and if so, did you get them? Or is this just not your cup of tea? Do you think we'll get more Animal Crossing sets in the future?

Rosie loves way too many things; games, crafting, drawing, painting, design, sewing plushies, planners, music, movies, series. On this blog she shares her creations and other snapshots of stuff she likes.

You might know Rosie from her Twitch channels RosieSoCosy (English) / Rosiewosie (Dutch), her YouTube channels, her planner shop Retro Hugs, or perhaps SimsNetwork, her Sims fansite she started back in 2000.

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